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TMS 402/602-22 Review #5: Using the New Appendix D on Composite Reinforcement in Masonry

The new Appendix D of TMS 402/602 is a first standard in the U.S. for the use of GFRP reinforcement in masonry. Learn how to use the new Appendix D to design and specify GFRP reinforced masonry for your next project.

Presenter: Heather Sustersic, P.E.
Date Presented: November 16, 2022


TMS 402/602-22 Review #4: Masonry Veneer Requirement Changes in TMS 402/602-22, A Whole New Chapter

The chapter on masonry veneer has been extensively revised and updated for the 2022 edition of TMS 402/602.
Learn how to design masonry veneer with the new provisions and determine where your specifications need to be upgraded to meet the new requirements.

Presenter: Brian Trimble, PE, CDT, LEED AP, FASTM
Date Presented: November 9, 2022


TMS 402/602-22 Review #3: Seismic/Limit States Design per TMS 402/602-22

This session reviews changes to the provisions in Chapter 7 and Appendix C that effect the seismic design of masonry structures.

Presenter: John Hochwalt, PE, SE, FTMS
Date Presented: November 2, 2022


TMS 402/602-22 Review #2: Major Structural Design Changes in TMS 402/602-22

This session provides an overview of the major structural changes in TMS 402-22.

Presenter: Richard Bennett, PhD, PE, FTMS
Date Presented: October 26, 2022


TMS 402/602-22 Review #1: Overview of Changes in TMS 402/602-22 and Review of the Specification for Masonry Structures

This course reviews the major changes from the 2016 edition to the 2022 edition of TMS 402/602.

Presenter: John Chrysler, PE, FTMS
Date Presented: October 19, 2022


Masonry Educators’ Workshop 2022

The Masonry Educators’ Workshop provides educators with the resources and background needed to effectively teach masonry, especially at the college and university level.

The workshop is targeted towards educators at North American colleges and universities. New faculty will find the workshop of value as they plan and prepare to teach masonry, and existing faculty will learn updates to codes, standards, materials, and practices that their students should be aware of.

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