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Accessing Courses

Purchased Courses

All courses that you have purchased or received free access to can be found on the My Courses page on the top menu bar.

Free Member Courses

TMS Members with an active membership automatically receive free access to the courses shown on this page. These courses will be shown on the My Courses page as long as your membership remains active.

If you’re unable to access these courses, make sure that you are logged in and that your account has an active membership. You can check your membership status from your TMS account page by clicking on the TMS Info tab and opening the My Membership link from the dropdown menu. If you are still unable to access these courses, contact

Other Free Courses

The free courses on this page require a user account and are automatically listed on the My Courses page for all users.

Redeem an Access Code

Access codes can be used to receive free access to courses. Enter your code on this page to redeem access. These courses will appear on your My Courses page.

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of completion can be downloaded from the My Courses page after completing a course. Instead of a blue Start button, you will see a blue Certificate button to the right of the course name. Some courses also require completion of a short quiz with a passing grade of 80%.

AIA Learning Units

AIA approved courses are listed here. To receive AIA credit for completing one of these courses, complete the form on this page.

View Past Orders

View your previous Masonry Education Hub orders here. These orders are shown separately from your orders through the TMS eStore.