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Masonry 101 #4: Reinforcement and Anchors

This lesson covers types of reinforcement used in masonry, including bars, joint reinforcement, anchors and ties. Each type of reinforcement will be explored, and the use in masonry will be identified. The basic placement requirements and protection requirements will be covered.…

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Masonry 101 #3: Mortar

This lesson provides a comprehensive introduction to mortar for masonry construction, especially for those who have little to no experience with masonry but find themselves needing to design or review projects. It describes the purpose of mortar joining masonry units and the desirable properties of fresh and hardened mortar.…

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Masonry 101 #2: Introduction to Masonry Units

This lesson introduces attendees to the most common types of masonry units, how they are made, and how they are commonly used.  Units covered include concrete masonry units, clay masonry units, natural stone units, manufactured stone veneer units, cast stone units, and AAC masonry units.…

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AIA Approved

Masonry 101 #1: Introduction to Masonry

This lesson introduce masonry to the attendees, reviewing basic terminology, acronyms, properties, benefits, and uses of masonry. Essential references that help with the understanding, design and use of masonry will be noted to provide a basis and a source for future learning on masonry.…

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