Course Category: TMS 402/602-22 Review Series

Codes & Standards

TMS 402/602-22 Review #3: Seismic/Limit States Design per TMS 402/602-22

This session of the TMS 402/602-22 Night School will review the changes to the provisions in Chapter 7 and Appendix C that effect the seismic design of masonry structures. This will include revisions to the requirements for special reinforced masonry shear walls, changes to the requirements based on the assigned Seismic Design Category, and changes made to the treatment of seismic displacements in the masonry code, including a new deformation compatibility provision.…

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AIA Approved

TMS 402/602-22 Review #2: Major Structural Design Changes in TMS 402/602-22

This session provides an overview of the major structural changes in TMS 402-22. One of the biggest changes was the introduction of compression-controlled sections in strength design. As a result of this, the maximum reinforcement provisions were deleted except for beams and intermediate and special shear walls under in-plane loads.…

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