Course Category: Veneer

Masonry 101 #2: Introduction to Masonry Units

This lesson introduces attendees to the most common types of masonry units, how they are made, and how they are commonly used.  Units covered include concrete masonry units, clay masonry units, natural stone units, manufactured stone veneer units, cast stone units, and AAC masonry units.…

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Rational Design of Masonry Veneers and Shelf Angle Supports

Chapter 12 of the TMS 402 2016 includes provisions for the design of anchored and adhered masonry veneer. Although the vast majority of anchored masonry veneer systems are designed using the prescriptive provisions within this standard, veneers in high wind zones, high seismic zones, or constructed with large distances between the backing walls and the veneer cannot be designed using these prescriptive provisions.…

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Design of Movement and Control Joints for Masonry

This lesson addresses the movement characteristics of masonry wall systems, and compares the differences between architectural veneer and structural reinforced masonry. Focus is on best practice for design and construction of expansion and control joints to accommodate and/or restrict masonry material movement.…

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