EleMasonry: Design Software for Masonry Elements (FREE)

EleMasonry is an innovative software package for designing of a variety of masonry building elements. The software can be used to develop code-compliant designs for walls, columns, beams, and pilasters. This seminar will review the features of this software, with focus on how the software can aid designers in completing design work quickly, efficiently, and in accordance with current building codes. Engineers, designers, code officials, and more will want to engage in this informational seminar.

Learning Objectives:

  • The EleMasonry design software and its application to masonry element design.
  • How the software’s detailed output provides a deeper understanding of the application of the design methodologies in TMS 402, Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures.
  • Ways in which the approach used in the software yields better design efficiency and handles a wider variety of wall configurations vs. other typical approaches.
  • Reading and understanding the outputs of the software.

Presenter: Russ Peterson
Date Presented: October 13, 2020

EleMasonry is now available. Access the 30 day free trial, along with purchasing information at