Lintels in Masonry Walls

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This lesson reviews the behavior and load distribution of a lintel within a wall, to help design this common element more effectively and efficiently. Lintel design basics will be reviewed, including possible arch analysis, code requirements specific to lintels, design criteria, and the various options we have in selecting lintels in masonry walls. The presentation will outline specific assumptions that impact masonry walls and lintels, such as masonry strength and control joint locations. The webinar will explore how the design of masonry lintels can add significant structural and architectural benefit to the wall.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the basics of lintels in masonry walls
  • Explore options available for lintels in masonry walls
  • Design high performance masonry lintels that are more effective and efficient
  • Utilize software for understanding true loads to masonry lintels

Presenter: Cathleen Jacinto
Date Presented: May 15, 2019
Credit: 1 PDH / 0.10 CEU