Lesson Category: Assessment, Maintenance, and Repair of Transitional Masonry Structures Series

Masonry Systems Lesson

This session discusses the typical masonry exterior wall systems, commonly referred to as transitional masonry wall systems and how to identify them. These wall systems combine aspects of both load-bearing masonry and modern curtain wall systems having structural frames. The unique features of such construction are examined along with how these systems work structurally, how they deteriorate, and how they manage water, temperature, air, and vapor transmission.…

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Review of Common Masonry Materials Lesson

This session reviews masonry materials commonly used in cladding systems between the 1880 and 1945 in North America, including brick, terra cotta, concrete masonry, cast stone, natural stone, and mortar. Common material properties, uses, and deterioration mechanisms will be presented.

Learning Objectives:

  • List masonry materials commonly used between 1880 and 1945
  • Explain the physical properties of masonry materials commonly used prior to 1945
  • Describe material deterioration mechanisms for masonry materials commonly used prior to 1945
  • Review fabrication, manufacturing and processes used to create masonry units in facade applications
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