Lesson Category: Strength Design of Masonry Series

Strength Design Requirements for Reinforcement & Connectors Lesson

Reinforcement and connectors are essential to ensure a proper load path in masonry buildings. This session will review basic detailing requirements for reinforcement and connectors, and specific requirements for strength design of masonry. Lap length requirements for reinforcement, and design of anchor bolts will be reviewed.…

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Strength Design of Walls for In-Plane Loads & Seismic Detailing Lesson

Shear walls are critical building elements to resist in-plane loads and are, for masonry, the seismic-force-resisting system. This session will review strength design of shear walls, along with both seismic detailing requirements and minimum/maximum detailing requirements for such walls.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce masonry shear walls and applied loads on these critical elements
  • Discuss seismic detailing requirements for masonry shear walls
  • Review the strength design provisions for masonry shear walls for combined axial load and bending and for shear
  • Overview maximum and minimum reinforcement limits and detailing of shear walls
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Strength Design of Walls for Axial Load and Out-of-Plane Loads Lesson

During this session, design of masonry walls loaded with out-of-plane loads and axial loads will be reviewed. Methods to consider secondary bending moments will be examined, including using P-delta provisions, and key points on interaction diagrams will be reviewed. Differences in the strength design provisions and allowable stress design will be briefly discussed.…

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Strength Design of Beams Lesson

This session will review the design of masonry beams and lintels, including an examination of whether arching action can be used to reduce the loads on these elements. Deflection calculations will be reviewed, along with detailing requirements to meet code minimum and maximum reinforcement percentages.…

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Introduction to Strength Design of Masonry and Design Methodologies Lesson

This introductory session will review basic strength design concepts for masonry, noting key differences with procedures for concrete. Masonry assemblies and systems will be briefly reviewed noting their purposes and resistance to primary loads. Individual masonry elements of masonry buildings including walls, beams, columns, and pilasters will then be introduced, related to their roles in the overall structural system to orient attendees for further sessions where the design of these elements will be discussed.…

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