Course Category: Anchoring

Masonry 101 #4: Reinforcement and Anchors

This lesson covers types of reinforcement used in masonry, including bars, joint reinforcement, anchors and ties. Each type of reinforcement will be explored, and the use in masonry will be identified. The basic placement requirements and protection requirements will be covered.…

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Stone Anchoring Solutions

This presentation focuses on anchoring design for natural or cast stone cladding of various sizes with emphasis on large scale or ‘dimensional’ stone. Stone anchoring system selection criteria will be presented followed by discussion of back-up system considerations and anchor design examples.…

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Special Inspection of Structural Masonry #3: Reinforcement and Connectors

This lesson will review common types of reinforcement, ties and anchors used in masonry along with requirements on their manufacture and use while discussing which ones are preferred and why.

Presenter: Phillip Samblanet, The Masonry Society
Date Presented: September 19, 2019
Credit: 1 PDH / 0.10 CEU

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Rational Design of Masonry Veneers and Shelf Angle Supports

Chapter 12 of the TMS 402 2016 includes provisions for the design of anchored and adhered masonry veneer. Although the vast majority of anchored masonry veneer systems are designed using the prescriptive provisions within this standard, veneers in high wind zones, high seismic zones, or constructed with large distances between the backing walls and the veneer cannot be designed using these prescriptive provisions.…

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Anchor Bolt Design

There were two major changes to the anchor bolt design provisions in the 2016 edition of TMS 402.  One change was to increase the calculated shear crushing strength by 67%.  The other change was to go from a linear interaction equation for combined bending and shear to an elliptical interaction equation. …

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