Course Category: Mortar

Masonry 101 #3: Mortar

This lesson provides a comprehensive introduction to mortar for masonry construction, especially for those who have little to no experience with masonry but find themselves needing to design or review projects. It describes the purpose of mortar joining masonry units and the desirable properties of fresh and hardened mortar.…

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Specifying the Right Mortar and Grout for your Projects

After selecting masonry as a system for a project, a designer is faced with many choices of materials. For mortar and grout, one of the key ingredients is cement. With so many cementitious products available in the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for your project.…

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Nondestructive Evaluation and Testing of Masonry

Nondestructive evaluation methods are valuable approaches for evaluating conditions of existing masonry construction without causing damage. Masonry strength can also be measured in place using in situ test methods, without resorting to destructive sample removal for laboratory testing. Methods discussed during this lesson include mortar hardness testing, pulse velocity measurements, surface penetrating radar, infrared thermography, flatjack testing, and in situ shear tests, with special emphasis on applying these methods for diagnosing both historic and modern masonry construction.…

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