Special Inspection of Structural Masonry #4: Mortar and Mortar Mixing

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This lesson is designed to provide a thorough understanding of mortar for new masonry construction, especially as it pertains to the responsibilities of a Special Inspector. It describes the purpose of mortar joining masonry units and the desirable properties of fresh and hardened mortar. It describes the materials that comprise mortar and explains how mortars are specified, batched, and mixed. Mixing considerations necessarily include good practices for hot and cold weather construction and the additional care required for colored mortar, both for materials and mixing requirements. This lesson briefly describes quality assurance and quality control for mortar, the difference between QA and QC, and typical reporting requirements related to that.

Presenter: Jamie Farny, Portland Cement Association
Date Presented: September 26, 2019
Credit: 1 PDH / 0.10 CEU

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