What’s New in LEED v4.1 – A Focus on Masonry

This course provides a summary of changes in LEED v4.1, with a focus on changes that are most likely of interest to the masonry industry.



The latest version of LEED for new construction, LEED v4.1 Building Design and Construction (BD+C), was released in early 2019. This version is an update to LEED v4, rather than a complete rewrite of the rating system. Several of the credits found in LEED v4 proved difficult to achieve or beyond the market’s capabilities. The Materials and Resources credits were particularly problematic. LEED v4.1 attempts to address these issues by adding incremental achievement levels and revising the thresholds and criteria in many of the credits. Some have been streamlined and several requirements have been eliminated entirely. Speaker Christine A. Subasic, P.E., LEED AP will summarize the changes in LEED v4.1 with a focus on those changes that are most likely of interest to the masonry industry

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify at least 3 goals of the LEED v4.1 updates.
  • Describe the significant change to the Optimize Energy Performance credit
  • Explain the incremental approach added to several of the Materials and Resources credits.
  • Explain the differences between Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations