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  • Achieving Resilience: How Masonry Supports Resilient Designs

    This course provides an overview of resilient design and discusses how resilient design is and is not covered by building codes and standards. The role of masonry construction in meeting resilient design goals is explained, and the inherent properties of masonry that make it resilient are described. Examples of resilient design strategies are provided.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Define resilience.
    • Explain how resilient designs go beyond the minimum building code requirements.
    • List at least three above-code standards that can be used with resilient designs.
    • Describe inherent properties of masonry that provide resilience.
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    An Overview of the Role of Masonry in Sustainable Design and LEED v4

    This lesson will address LEED v4 credit categories, with particular emphasis on the Materials and Resources credits, and identify how masonry products can contribute to sustainable design and LEED.

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  • Masonry Educators’ Workshop 2022

    The Masonry Educators’ Workshop (MEW) provides educators with the resources and background needed to effectively teach masonry, especially at the college and university level. This workshop was presented virtually June 21-23, 2022. The workshop is targeted towards educators at North American colleges and universities who teach or will be teaching masonry in architecture, engineering, and construction management. While those teaching actual masonry construction, or those outside of North America may find value in some topics, the focus will be teaching masonry design, detailing, construction, and maintenance/repair to undergraduate and graduate students preparing to be architects, architectural engineers, civil/structural engineers and construction managers using primarily U.S. based codes and standards. New faculty will find the workshop of value as they plan and prepare to teach masonry, and existing faculty will learn updates to codes, standards, materials, and practices that their students should be aware of.

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    What’s New in LEED v4.1 – A Focus on Masonry

    This course provides a summary of changes in LEED v4.1, with a focus on changes that are most likely of interest to the masonry industry.